Team offsites – not a luxury…

Getting away from it all is often really helpful to shift the mind from the day to day to the important issues. This can be of particular importance to global and remote teams spread across borders, time zones and cultures. Our belief is that bringing people together is both a privilege and critical to business success. We have run team off sites for globally dispersed teams in the UK, USA, Singapore and the Middle East – and everyone hugely appreciated the effort and the investment by the business to help build relationships and more effective team work.

It is critical to put some significant thought into the design of team off site meetings. We always call all the team members to introduce ourselves and hear the individual challenges and hopes for the meeting. We will work with the team leadership to ensure the content is pitched right and in the teams language. And we will seek the right venue and the right atmosphere for the group. We will ensure that our three rules of offsites are met:

  • Business relevant – it has to be grounded in your reality and address real business problems, it’s not just about planks, barrels and go-karting

  • Grounded in theory – there needs to be an understanding of why and how teams work. Along with the appropriate models to measure ourselves against.

  • Memorable – for these to be of any use we need to not just remember what we spoke about but remember the feelings and emotions attached to it. So we need to have some fun and some light-hearted moments to build the critical social glue that will hold the team together through the tough times.

Critically the venue is important and we are able to work with you in bringing your team to some striking locations which deepen the impact we can create.

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