Individuals are not perfect, but a team can be

There are very few businesses or indeed areas in life where teams are not involved: from the sports field to the board room by way of the family unit – teams are everywhere. Teams get more and more globally dispersed across time zones, languages and cultures and they need some help being the best possible team they can be.

Everyone at TMD has experience being part of and running teams, and we’re hugely proud of the team that we have. We therefore specialise in working with formed and forming, global and globalising teams to help them be the best possible teams they can be. Developing teams takes time and there is no silver bullet, we therefore seek to stick with a team for a good length of time to support the whole and the individuals in the journey to becoming the best possible team they can be and to ultimately achieve their ambitions.

Once again key to the success of a team engagement is the relationship between the team and the facilitator. We work with every member of the team to hear their challenges and then help bring then all to the table.

It is often really helpful having someone external to the team being there to poke, provoke and ask the question everyone wants to ask but is afraid of looking stupid by doing so.

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