At TMD we offer both coaching and mentoring services – but we also approach these as two sides of the same coin: focused tutoring.

First of all, what’s the difference? Coaching focuses on drawing the answer out of the individual with the help of a professionally qualified coach. That coach doesn’t need to know your area of specialism, they need to be good at asking the right questions, showing empathy and listening. The coach will challenge your thinking and explore if there are other ways of approaching your challenge. Mentoring is when the individual is being supported by a subject matter expert, in our case Leadership experts who have all had experience leading teams and organisations in different worlds. A mentor is there to hear your challenges and offer specific advice and guidance – your choice is of course whether you use that knowledge or not – it’s up to you.

But taking a step beyond either of these is our tutoring provision – this is a way of working with either a single individual or broad network to target the particular needs you have at one time. This could be technical knowledge, particular skills or simply a need to challenge your perspective and the way you see the context you are currently in. With our network of professionals from across sectors and disciplines we aim to build you a network that can leverage the best that you have to offer.


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