Building active learning methodologies

There is no single way to design a high impact learning intervention, and we find a variety of methods can be used to bring the best out in your teams, leaders and organisation.

  • Group learning: available to groups of 8-16 we create intense learning and development environments through classroom, experiential and reflective learning. In half-day, full-day or 2- to 3-day sessions this is a powerful way to balance time away from the workplace with an opportunity to create an impactful learning environment.

  • Individual intense coaching: one-to-one coaching and learning is a way of creating strong learning outcomes focused on distinct needs and challenges. Coupled with group learning it can also create opportunities to explore broad content in very specific circumstances that are useful and relevant to individuals.

  • Learning shots: When time is at a premium, 2-hour in the workplace sessions can provide direct knowledge and learning transfer to larger groups, providing instant contextualisation of day-to-day challenges. This can also be a useful tool in post-programme activity when looking to embed and reinforce learned skills and knowledge.

  • Blended learning: With increasingly dispersed and technologically literate workforces, TMD can provide a blended approach which incorporates our in-house learning platform with face-to-face teaching. Blended learning creates the opportunity for participants to explore key content at their own pace before engaging with the face-to-face experience which expands this knowledge into skills and behaviours.

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