Organisations want and need people to make decisions, take ownership of those decisions and avoid escalating problems they should be empowered, incentivised and hungry to deal with themselves. 

A lack of empowerment, unnecessary escalation and inefficiency leads to management time being eaten up and a blurring of both responsibility and accountability. Ultimately, however, the organisation slows down - “why does it take so long to get anything done around here?!”

In this context, the military is not as ‘Hollywood’ as some would have us believe. It’s not a bunch of generals sitting around making decisions for their minions to implement. It is actually a remarkably empowering organisation that requires decisions to be made at the lowest possible level as quickly as the circumstances dictate.

This is ‘empowerment’ in its purest sense and many of us can learn lessons from it. The Front Line Leadership practice seeks to transfer lessons from military leadership, making them real and relevant for the challenges organisations and their people face on a day-to-day basis. 


We don’t seek to glorify conflict or turn people into soldiers but we do want to share experience and knowledge that helps teams and individuals feel empowered, confident and capable of taking action and embracing of the issues around accountability that flow as a result.